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Update or lose out

Getting the most out of your website is hard work. Once you have planned and implemented the site, many people think that the task is complete when in reality, it is only just beginning. Firstly, information that you include in the main pages of the site may quickly become out of date or in need of further additions as new products and services are added to your portfolio. Additionally, whilst the content needs to be relevant to first-time users of the site, it needs to have regularly updated information for return visitors to the site, i.e. your loyal customer base…

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Have you considered your mobile responsiveness?

Ok, so today we wanted to discuss Google’s new approach to mobile responsive websites. For many years’ mobile devices such as smart phones, ipads, androids and tablets have increased in popularity at quite a significant rate. Google has always recommended that a “responsive” website should be the preferred option for anyone thinking about developing a new website. This advice is correct responsive as developing developing a mobile responsive site guarantees a better all-round user experience…

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