Have you considered your mobile responsiveness?

Ok, so today we wanted to discuss Google’s new approach to mobile responsive websites. For many years’ mobile devices such as smart phones, ipads, androids and tablets have increased in popularity at quite a significant rate. Google has always recommended that a “responsive” website should be the preferred option for anyone thinking about developing a new website. This advice is correctas developing a mobile responsive site guarantees a better all-round user experience.


Some of you out there may still be unsure of what we mean by responsive web design, if this is the case we firstly need to establish where have you been? If you have however been sleeping under a rock for a couple of years, here’s a great link to bring you up to speed…


Let’s just sum this up, responsive web design provides the visitor with the same user experience independent of what device or browser they are using. There are however some compromises that have to be made for example, you might have a website with large amounts of content. It’s not always easy to read content heavy articles on a smaller devise such as a mobile phone, so here is where you would need to make your choice.

Now up until recently Google didn’t so obviously reward mobile-friendly websites, however this has all changed!


Google identifying to the user that this site is Mobile-friendly

As from the 18th of November 2014 Google now display a label or tag before the start of the Meta description option, as it will prioritise search results for any websites that it considers will provide the user with a better experience.  In doing this Google has offered great opportunities for any website that has already developed a responsive site. Any site offering the user a responsive ride can expect a higher click through rate, Google might even decide to rank these sites higher via its algorithm. The possibilities are great!

You may now be asking yourself or your colleges how mobile responsive is my/our website then? Well we’re glad you asked… Google has introduced a great tool to assist you; this tool will provide you with a ball park idea of where your site ranks in regards to responsive design. If you are keen to find out where you are on the Google mobile friendly scale you can take a look here…


So have we given you reason to either make your site responsive or at least consider how mobile responsive it is?

If you feel like you need a helping hand understanding the benefits of a responsive site, or would like M4Markeing UK Limited’s help in developing a website for your business please contact us.

Google has spoken people! Keep up or get left behind…

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