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All ages are connected online, so it’s important to take full advantage of this

With a potential marketing audience up in the billions why wouldn’t you want to market your business through Social Media channels?

At M4Marketing UK Limited we focus on:


  • Getting you seen
  • Getting you talked about
  • Increasing your Return On Investment (ROI)

Social Media marketing is part of the Digital Marketing mix…

Social Media is so vast we feel it’s beneficial to our potential clients to identify its significant strengths separately.

The thing with social media is that done correctly it can maximise ROI, increase your company brand awareness and get people/companies who possibly wouldn’t know about you talking about you, however social media done incorrectly can be detrimental as it will waste your time, efforts and company budget.

There are so many Social Media channels companies can choose from whether that’s, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +. The key is to understand which platform is right for you, your company and your product or services. Identifying where your audience is and how you should engage with them is quite tricky and that’s where M4Marketing UK Limited comes in.

At M4Marketing UK Limited we go to great lengths to truly understand your company by analysing your business and identifying what social media platforms and campaigns will work for you, based on industry experience.  We do this to eliminate the irrelevant social media channels enabling us to market your business to its full potential without wasting any time or budget concentrating in the wrong areas.


M4Marketing UK Limited will entirely research & understand your business and industry sector.


We will listen and set agreed goals that you want & need from any Social Media activities.


We will use this as a base line when creating the ideal Social Media strategy.

M4Marketing will set up or update any existing accounts that your company needs, which will include bespoke graphical imagery.

We will compose a 3-6 month content strategy dependent on your business type, and expertly drive campaigns including, specially crafted posts, engaging content including, blog articles and industry updates, along with the creation of competitions or advertisements again dependent on your industry sector, along with offering Pay-Per-Click advertisement if necessary.

All content will be created with the purpose of customer interaction, which will guarantee your social growth, along with providing you with a revealing monthly report, which will directly show the success of each campaign.

Want to promote your company online to billions?

M4Marketing UK Limited will ensure you are maximising your business online to its full potential!

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