Update or lose out

Getting the most out of your website is hard work. Once you have planned and implemented the site, many people think that the task is complete when in reality, it is only just beginning. Firstly, information that you include in the main pages of the site may quickly become out of date or in need of further additions as new products and services are added to your portfolio. Additionally, whilst the content needs to be relevant to first-time users of the site, it needs to have regularly updated information for return visitors to the site, i.e. your loyal customer base.

Update your website

By ensuring that new and relevant information is available to your regular audience, it is likely that they will continue to return to your site. This presents further opportunity to promote your products, services and business as a whole through news stories, case studies, white papers and adverts.

The best way to encourage users to return to the site is to have a newsletter sign-up facility whereby users can submit their details to receive your weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter. You would then create content that you think will interest your regular customers and send out as an email. The email will then have links that direct people to your website to read the story in full or take advantage of any special offers that you are promoting. The website content would of course need to be updated accordingly.

In addition to the above, you can use your website to measure the success of other marketing activities. For example, you could send out a piece of direct mail to your existing customers that informs them of a white paper that you have available to download from your site. The mailer would point them to a unique web address before directing them to the white paper download page. You can measure the hits on this unique page which will give you an indication of the success of your mailer. Additionally, when they attempt to download the white paper, the site will ask them to enter their details which will be automatically sent to you, giving you knowledge of which clients are interested in this particular topic.

There are numerous ways in which you can use your website to cost-effectively support other marketing activities; a by-product of which being that the website content is regularly updated. Doing this will add to your success in search engine rankings as not only will they recognise that your content is always relevant and up-to-date, they will also rank you higher due to the increasing number of hits that your site will achieve.